Painters Reconcile


We are drooping outlines of young women.
Your rueful smile reminds me that we are not enemies
I forget to fidget with the clasp on my case.

Still a safe space

Clumsy fingers at your breast, unbuttoning your coat
I could help you but this is a different sort of occasion.
I lay the paints out on a table and begin to mix.

I am afraid that words will fall out of my mouth like marbles
Catch them please, before they bounce themselves into stillness or roll into dusty corners.

Those cobwebs are so fragile and they took years.
I remind myself that have to be careful. Respectful.  Delicate.

Shall we begin?

You undress.

I should be clumsy after so much time.
A woman of greater discipline would forget the exact curve of your bones.

I remember what you said about sad people being better artists.
Did you say…

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Local Alchemy

zeit·geist /ˈtsītˌɡīst,ˈzītˌɡīst/ noun – the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time.

As the full moon ascends into the sky we are welcomed into a new year. The new year often symbolizes a time of renewal and for many a fresh start, a beginning from which to set a new path.

Reading back through my posts of the past year, 2014 was a year of whimsy. I grounded myself and opened my eyes to the magic of the simple pleasures all around. My garden flourished (and is still providing me with fresh herbs!) and I was able to experience grape growing and wine making from start to finish at Broken Stone Winery.

It’s hard to believe that it was the start of this blog that led me to Tim and Micheline at Broken Stone Winery

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8 Chains North

Red wine… Yes please..



We visited 8 Chains North for the first time and were not disappointed. Located in Purcellville, the tasting room was lively when we arrived eventhough they were closing in a hour. They have a very nice fireplace with two cozy big chairs that just called you but since we were ready to eat, we did our tasting and will try to snag those spots for another day.

Tasting are $8 and include 5 wines. I liked the 2012 LoCo Vino ($18) which is their white table wine.  It’s a blend of 45% Vidal Blanc, 35% Traminette and 20% Sauvignon Blanc. I could definitley taste the Traminette and a hint of the Sauvignon. It has a nice finish that wasn’t too sweet but with a hint of the tropics. I’m thinking that’s from the Traminette. We picked up a bottle of it and it was so good with the caramel chocolate…

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Wine tasting in Saumur

What a beautiful spot to enjoy a wine tasting…

Les Chroniques de Claire

On a sleepy Saturday way back in December, one of the German assistants in Le Mans, Romain, had the nice idea to take a day trip out to Saumur, a not-too-far-away city famous for its wine. Conveniently for us, Romain has a car here (having driven to Le Mans from Germany). So, along with two other English assistants and a Spanish assistant, we piled into the car and made the 120 km drive to our destination. Our first stop: the Château de Saumur.



As seen in the scaffolding on the right tower, the castle was closed for renovations. So, we unfortunately weren’t able to go inside for a tour. Still though, it was very majestic. Nestled on top of a hill, the castle grounds gave a beautiful view of the city as well.


We wandered around the center of the city for a bit and stopped at a cafe for a warm drink…

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The Vineyards of Champagne, France

I will view this in person one day… I’m free tomorrow actually 😉 …. Wishing

Ian Hurley Photography Blog


The Champagne wine region in northeast France was bursting with color during my recent trip there this fall. Though the annual harvest had already taken place, the vineyards around Hautvillers, Epernay and Reims had a variety of interesting colors. It was even a bit past peak colors for most of the vineyards I visited but the mix of yellows, reds and greens made for some very interesting photographs. I also lucked out in that there was some nice morning fog the day I visited, adding another interesting element to some of my photographs.

If traveling to this area a car is necessity if you want to visit more then Reims or Epernay, both of which are accessible by train. There are some fantastic champagne houses like Moët & Chandon, Tattinger and Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin but in my opinion, you would be missing the great Champagne countryside. In particular, I…

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