Have a SEALION of a day!

What? Why? Who? Yup that’s the message on my answering machine for the shop! Have a sea lion of a day! The sea lions in the zoo and sea world have a pretty good life… Swimming, having fish thrown to them, sleeping in the sun, and cuddling up with their buddies for more nap time. They have an argument over personal space but really, they all coexist rather well. People snap photos of them and they bark, smile and pose!
In the wild; they swim, sunbathe and find random locations to warm their chunky bods. Whether it is the back of someone’s boat, a pier, large rock or the sand- they find a location and claim it. People don’t really mess with them too much, but they observe and take photos. I’ve seen videos of the sea lions coming to the human for a cuddle! What! Where’s my cuddly Sealion? So you see, we have observed these happy fellas at the zoo and sadly only through videos, and apart from the whole-” hey that great white just tried to eat me for dinner”— I think it’s a pretty sweet life! So when I say-” HAVE A SEALION OF A DAY!” I am simply wishing you a day filled with peace, relaxation & time with friends…



WHAT is a Paint n sip??

In February 2013, I opened Paint n Party in Helena, Montana in my home studio. Paint n Sip parties were popular in the BIG cities such as Boston and Atlanta. A friend in Sturbridge, MA owns her fabulous paint n sip, Brush it off, and she was a great resource for questions and advice. Paint n Party was born!
I don’t want you to think I just pulled this business off the internet and decided THIS IS IT! I have been creating art since I was a young kid… (Mom always said, your brother had a book, and you had crayons and paper!)! Maybe so! I always have a pen and sketchbook nearby, even to this day! Summer vacations, between swimming and hanging out with friends, I was drawing out my own cartoons. In middle school, in New Jersey, I spent every spare second in the ceramics studio! My new high school, in Westford, MA didn’t have a ceramics department, so my direction changed towards drawing! Drawing anything and everything! I suppose animals became my favorite subject to draw from photographs or my own pets. This led to my direction for college! An illustration degree at the University of Hartford (UHA), CT…. More about college to come…
So here I am, October 2nd, 2014 with my business over a year in.. and 112 scenes painted… Many paint n sip parties behind me, and many more to come…. What a great adventure it has already been…
History explained, the simple explanation of a paint n sip is a group of people creating the same scene on canvas which the demonstrator is painting in the front of the room. Painters may be first time painters or be creative in clay, watercolor or other mediums. Your previous artistic experience does not detract from the paint n sip experience! I recommend giving it a try… Aren’t you just a little bit curious?