A beauty in Siena

Imagine walking up a steep cobblestone pathway, surrounded by crumbling ancient brick walls. The walls, the arches and the houses are exactly how you have imagined them to be – centuries ago. It’s a sunny day and the sky is powder blue. A whiff of something enchanting rolls your way as you slowly make the climb up. ‘Pici Aglione’ you are informed with a cheerful grin as you ask out loud what is the source of such warm, wonderful deliciousness.

This is the heart of Tuscany and you are indeed in one of the finest places on earth. Siena, once a bitter rival of its foster cousin Florence, is renowned the world over for its annual Palio festival. But come forth a bit closer and walk its ancient alleys and you will find your heart slipping away.

Time is not of essence whilst you are in this city. Spend hours…

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