I do not see the snow….

I do not see the snow out there,
I do not want any more cold air,
Can I stay inside all day,
I do not want to go n play,

Can I stay inside n cozy,
I do not want my cheeks all rosy,
Cold air,
Crazy hair,
It’s not fair,
Do I have to go out there?

I do not see the snow,
The wind will blow,
I cannot go
Without a cup O Joe.

Where are my boots?
And big snow suit?
Where is my hat?
Boy I wish I was a cat!

I must go!
My girl awaits,
Driving through the snow,
But I should have worn skates!

We will need cocoa,
And warm fuzzy blankies,
Please don’t make me go,
I do not know,
Why I live where there’s snow…

~Lucy Davis, Paint n Party, Helena, Montana


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