Startup of the month: Saszali Chocolates

I’ll need to find someone to help me set this up… I have some fab truffle recipes which need to be made again… Delicious event!


A couple of months ago I had the privilege of attending what can only be described as pure glory: A chocolate and wine pairing. For an Italian, chocolate addict like myself, this was the greatest gift and all the thanks goes to Saszali Chocolates. Started by a fine woman, Anya Lourens, and now run by a sister team, Sarah and Jane Jager, the idea behind Saszali was to create and sell beautifully handcrafted and exquisitely flavoured chocolate truffles. This artisanal venture has got many mouths in Cape Town watering for the taste of a Saszali truffle. Jane, the pastry chef, creates the truffles with their variety of unique flavours, whilst Sarah makes sure that every truffle is packaged and presented in a beautiful way. Biting into one of these truffles of chocolate goodness is an incredible experience. The flavours, all created with fresh ingredients, range from salted caramel, to citrus…

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