Painters Reconcile


We are drooping outlines of young women.
Your rueful smile reminds me that we are not enemies
I forget to fidget with the clasp on my case.

Still a safe space

Clumsy fingers at your breast, unbuttoning your coat
I could help you but this is a different sort of occasion.
I lay the paints out on a table and begin to mix.

I am afraid that words will fall out of my mouth like marbles
Catch them please, before they bounce themselves into stillness or roll into dusty corners.

Those cobwebs are so fragile and they took years.
I remind myself that have to be careful. Respectful.  Delicate.

Shall we begin?

You undress.

I should be clumsy after so much time.
A woman of greater discipline would forget the exact curve of your bones.

I remember what you said about sad people being better artists.
Did you say…

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