Unicorn Wine


Mezameru Sakura

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1978 Domaine de la Romanee-Conti La Tache

The La Tache was sublime and possibly the best wine I’ve ever tasted. Amazingly fresh for something that’s pushing 40 years old. It greets you with a sensation like cool water, coolness rising up from the glass with menthol and eucalyptus. Like walking into the flower dome, and I think of small white flowers. The glossy brick red colour translates into subdued red fruit in the mouth, faint berries held together with good acidity in perfect balance. The structure is well-developed with mellow tannins. It changes again with an hour in the glass, becomes gradually secondary with umami, truffles, shitake mushrooms in the undergrowth, like riding a horse into the forest alone. The fruit and sugar retract further to leave a more lasting and savoury finish.

This is a unicorn wine, and we would have loved to watch it evolve into the night…

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Miss Marple was from Texas

Lovely snippet of a day in England.. Thank you… I’ll be ready for more….

the rockstars 2nd wifey

Not much has been happening here at Rocksey towers since Christmas. We have had some snow, some rain and today we have some beautiful sunshine. Spring is becoming more apparent everyday and the chickens are making the most of the sunshine by lying in the sun and eating any new shoots which are poking through the frosty ground.

Rocksey and I sit in our sunroom with a glass of merlot Blush, my favourite spring/Summer wine- it tastes of strawberries and sunshine – he has been faffing about in the kitchen and is now is playing tank battles on his ipad whilst listening to the Steve Miller Band on vinyl. I love ’70’s music, not all that teeny bopper stuff but Steely Dan and Steve Miller……chill out music for such a lovely afternoon.

Last night we spend with some American friends who live in very pretty market town just half an…

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Sunday Rewind: Slow Cooking My Wife’s Purse

I think I’ll need this on my menu!

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Beef Burgundy – Originally posted April 5, 2012

As The Rantings of an Amateur Chef has been going since February of 2012, there are quite a few readers that have joined along the way. In an effort to bring back some great recipes that they may have missed, I will dedicate Sundays to re-posting a favorite that is at least two years old. I hope you enjoy! – The Ranting Chef

For much of my childhood I was a latchkey kid. Both parents worked, and several times every week I would come home to a note that read:

Crock Pot is in the fridge. Plug in on high. Love, Mom.

We used our slow cooker a significant amount. Chicken or beef. I don’t really remember anything thing else, but we had a variety of recipes with chicken or beef. By the time my parents came in the door from a long…

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Does it Matter . . . Closures . . .

I am a beginner here… Certainly good points on the screw cap, which I am hearing a lot about. Looking at the wines in the photograph, the right bottle’s cork is damp from the wine, so doesn’t that have an impact on the wine, color, taste. Every bottle which is transported, moved in a shop, has the risk of coming in contact & changing… How does the vineyard insure their bottle of wine keeps the quality aroma & taste they’re “selling”? Complex issues for a bottle of wine which may sit on a shelf for years or accompany dinner tonight…..

Wine Verbiage

cork oxidation

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of the screw cap. Let me say at the beginning here that I do NOT believe it is the ‘perfect’ closure as I do NOT believe that there is such a thing.

But let me explain why I use screw caps for all of my tercero wines. Again, this is not to say that it is ‘better’, but there is a reasoning that I think is important to understand:

I do not like TCA whatsoever. For those who do not know what this is, during the aging process of corks, mold grows on the air drying cork. Sometimes, but not all of the time, a chemical compound is created that eventually becomes TCA, or tri-choloranisole for those who dig scientific names J

What’s the big deal with TCA? Well, at low levels, it simply steals the aromas from a wine…

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Emilia Romagna Wine Lunch at Petersham Nurseries


One of the most charming places around London to enjoy a relaxed weekend lunch is in my opinion Petersham Nurseries in Richmond. The award-winning restaurant was opened in a local garden by the Boglione family in 2004 and in 2011 was awarded its first Michelin star under the direction of Chef Skye Gyngell. The restaurant is surrounded by a garden centre, the nurseries, which exists since the 1970’s and was completely restored by Gael & Francesco Boglione to become the beautiful place it is today.

Damian Clisby is now the Head Chef at Petersham Nurseries Cafe and he works alongside the Culinary Director Lucy Boyd to “create an evolving menu inspired by what is growing in the garden, the changing seasons, and our connection to the environment”.

Petersham-Nurseries-Richmond-1Wine-Lunch-Petersham-Cellar-5Wine-Lunch-Petersham-Cellar-7 copyWine-Lunch-Petersham-Cellar-8

Petersham Nurseries regularly organise events such as cooking and gardening classes, food walks, fundraisings and wine lunches. In December I had the…

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A beauty in Siena

Imagine walking up a steep cobblestone pathway, surrounded by crumbling ancient brick walls. The walls, the arches and the houses are exactly how you have imagined them to be – centuries ago. It’s a sunny day and the sky is powder blue. A whiff of something enchanting rolls your way as you slowly make the climb up. ‘Pici Aglione’ you are informed with a cheerful grin as you ask out loud what is the source of such warm, wonderful deliciousness.

This is the heart of Tuscany and you are indeed in one of the finest places on earth. Siena, once a bitter rival of its foster cousin Florence, is renowned the world over for its annual Palio festival. But come forth a bit closer and walk its ancient alleys and you will find your heart slipping away.

Time is not of essence whilst you are in this city. Spend hours…

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