Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 33

The Armchair Sommelier

scratch and sniff stickers These make me happy.

My mother-in-law gave me a scratch-and-sniff book for Christmas.  Joy to the world!  As a child of the 80s, I have a nostalgic soft-spot for scratch-and-sniff. Remember those scratch-and-sniff stickers the teachers used to put on our papers when we did a “berry good” job on something?  I used to do my homework just for a shot at earning the root beer sticker.

But this isn’t just any scratch-and-sniff book . . . it’s a scratch-and-sniff book about wine!  Oh, and just to make me feel even more mawkish, it’s a board book.


I looked up the reviews on Amazon, and they are mostly (but not overwhelmingly) positive.
You have to take this book for what it is:  cute, fun and a little bit funny.  To those who called the book childish, simplistic and condescending — lighten up, Francis!  It’s not supposed to be an academic treatise on wine.  The market…

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