Wine Review: 2011 Carlton Brooke by Ty Caton Petit Verdot

My Kings Court

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 1.30.02 PMHappy New Years Eve! What do you do on New Year Eve? We bounced around back in forth of doing an event at a hotel with a five course meal and paired wine to sitting at home and just watching the coverage of New York. I always find that there is no perfect/affordable/reasonable thing to do. Tonight we are going to a nice dinner and then probably watching the ball drop at our house or a friends house.

Today’s review is one of my most favorite grapes that Virginia makes which is Petit Verdot. It is usually expensive and I am told that is because it’s berries are so small and the yield per acre can be low. This is my first chance at a California version with the 2011 Carlton Brooke by Ty Caton Sandy Brooke Vineyards Petit Verdot from Sonoma Valley.

Currently, on Ty Caton’s website they have…

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